Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THIS ABOVE ALL We can’t afford Games ~~ Khushwant Singh

I love reading Khushwant Singh's writings because he can bring humour into any situation. In the CWG shame too! Enjoy !

THIS ABOVE ALL We can’t afford Games ~~ Khushwant Singh

I first met Suresh Kalmadi in 1980, and took an immediate liking to him. Both of us entered the Rajya Sabha that year. I, a nominee of the Congress; he elected from Maharashtra. I heard his maiden speech and was enthralled. I felt he had the making of an all-India leader. I wrote a favourable account on his speech, and went out of my way to befriend him. He responded to my gesture, and we visited each other’s homes.
His wife, a school teacher, was a shy lady. Twice I met Sharad Pawar, who stayed with them. I concluded he was Pawar’s protege. All I knew of Kalmadi’s background was that he had taken premature retirement from the Air Force, and the family owned a restaurant and landed property in Pune, till Sharad Pawar brought him into politics.
I did not suspect he suffered from a sense of financial insecurity till he celebrated acquiring a Maruti sales agency in Pune by throwing a lavish reception on the lawns of his parliamentary bungalow. It was lit up with coloured lights; liquor flowed, and tasty snacks went round. I was disillusioned, and cooled off him.

Squandering hundreds of crores of rupees on building stadia, swimming pools and squash and tennis courts is an act of folly.

About the Commonwealth Games, I know very little. I go along with Mani Shankar Aiyar, and am convinced they should not have been undertaken in a city which teems with thousands of beggars — a few at every road crossing — where the only shelter the poor find in Delhi’s bitter winters and monsoon rains are footpaths and under overbridges. They don’t get even a square meal a day. Squandering hundreds of crores of rupees on building stadia, swimming pools, squash and tennis courts, and much else, is an act of extreme folly.
It should never have been allowed. Suresh Kalmadi played the star role in the comic-tragic drama. I cannot help adding a few film songs KJS Ahluwalia of Amritsar sent me, which go very well as background with the movie to be called Games Tamasha:
Suresh Kalmadi — Kutchh to log kaheingae;
Shiela Dixit — Kahin daag na lag jayey;
M.S. Gill — Kabhi khud pe kabhi haalaat pey rona aayaa;
S. Jaipal Reddy — Yeh kya hua, kaisey hua, kyon hua;
Tejinder Khanna — Merey tutey huay dil say, koi toh aaj yeh puchhey;
Mani Shankar Aiyar — Chal akela, chal akela, chal akela, tera mela peechey choota;
Delhites — Jab dil hi toot gaya, hum jee key kya kareingey;
Manmohan Singh — Sub kutch seekha hum ney, naa seekhi hoshiari, sach hai duniyan walo, ke hum hain anari

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Responsible Newspaper Publishing

Today's  The Telegraph, Kolkata edition, carries this article,

Enough is enough, girls declare war on eve-tease menace in New Alipore Feel unsafe on the streets near your house, your campus, your workplace? Do not suffer in silence. Speak out, stand up, make a difference....  | Read..

What responsible reporting you would think. After reading the  newspaper you turn to the "ENTERTAINMENT"  section hoping to get entertained. BUT what do you see?

1. BROOKLYN DECKER Vital stats 32C-24-34 Claim to fame Swimsuit model. .........featuring 10 females in almost nude form which is clear porn. 

Is this not a form of eveteasing? A newspaper which is read by the entire family, and in India we have the father-in-law and brothers-in-law living under the same roof, this is a form of eveteasing for the female members. This is gross violation of a woman's privacy. Such porn stuff should be left to a persons choice to view , not be thrust upon by putting it up in Newspapers.

Readers, do you agree?  I would hope to have your reaction and views to help me put up a letter to the editor.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It Doesn't Happen Only In Kolkata

Yesterday had  a chat with my friend from Mumbai and discussed whether yesterday's huge rise in the Stock Markets was for real or a Bull trap. The answer could be read in my post at  http://www.vipreetinvestments.blogspot.com . He made a comment saying it is a truncated week with the 10th being a trading holiday AND tomorrow would be better considered a non trading day since KOLKATA had called a nationwide Bandh (strike in English).

The state of West Bengal is notorious for strikes and continues to be so. But after reading today's Newspaper I felt I should oppose this view and let the world know that "It doesn't hapen only in Kolkata". This is a news item in today's Telegraph.

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France strikes
Paris, Sept. 6 (Reuters): France faces serious rail and air traffic disruption from strikes beginning late today as trade unions seek to mobilise millions of protesters against plans to raise the retirement age.
The strikes, mostly scheduled to last 24 hours and organised to coincide with the presentation of a pension reform bill to parliament tomorrow, are expected to hit public transport and schools badly. London's underground rail network also faces disruption tomorrow as workers strike over pay and job cuts. The French unions, who backed street marches on Saturday over President Nicolas Sarkozy’s law-and-order stance hope two million people or more will take to the streets for tomorrow’s pension protest.

No, I am not in favour of Bandhs. Just putting across the point that it happens almost everywhere.Le me know what you think.